Big site update

Our website now has a calendar of events. From it you can know about future and past exhibitions and events.
Also on the site there were many internal minor but important changes, and the information is updated.
Thank you for staying with us. A first year of RTS has passed.


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RetroTech Squad at Geek Picnic in Moscow! June 17–18, 2017!

RetroTech Squad is coming to Moscow! The most dedicated fans have probably seen our repost of the announcement by Geek Picnic VK group. That’s right! This weekend RetroTech Squad in our Moscow, St. Petersburg and Minsk glory would host the first exhibition in Moscow!

A truck witch exhibits is currently rolling along a highway, and behind that truck a St. Petersburg team is rolling to Moscow. Unique exhibits from Minsk joined with their overseer soon will cross the state border. Moscow team is getting ready to move from the east.

Under a roof in Kolomenskoe park at Geek Picnic festival all Saturday and all Sunday our exhibits closed to the elements, but opened for all of you. Computers, consoles and other wonderful things that are hard to describe await!

You like classics? We got you covered with Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari 65XE, Apple Macintosh SE and that’s just a beginning! Do you like oddware? We’ll have WonderBorg, Nintendo Virtual Boy, Sega CDX, Apple IIe Platinum, Kaypro 10, Sinclair TV abd other secrety secret things!

Fun only starts here, as there will be competitions in Mortal Combat, Rock-n-Roll Racing and River Raid! The winners won’t only get a feeling of how awesome they are, but also tickets to Moscow Apple Museum! You can even join with your own controllers!

Gear X2 will rock our stage every day with metal covers of retro and not-so-retro game songs! But here’s more! Chiptune musician GamerGate will perform at our stage on Saturday. Exact times to be announced.

No additional fees! No time restrictions! All Saturday and Sunday, June 17-18,
RetroTech Squad at Geek Picnic. Moscow, Kolomenskoe park. All the action will happen in the vicinity of Kolomenskoe pier.


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Exhibition incoming! May 13–14 2017, “New Caledonia”!

RetroTech Squad will again exhibit out most interesting pieces in the «New Caledonia», an interworld portal with cookies located in St. Petersburg, on May 13 to 14.

There will be a unique premiere! An Apple II computer from an American school will come to St.Petersburg with a bunch of floppies with the most exiting games.

The premiere won’t stop on that either. Have you ever wanted to eat a floppy disk or a Famicom controller? The unique Caledonian retrocookies will make this dream cam true!

On Saturday, May 13 at 16-00 the large hall of «New Caledonia» will be rocked by Gear X2 in a concert of metal covers of the best game music.

At 18-00 Vokabre will tell everyone interested about androids (humanlike robots) and this talk would feature a steampunk duck, sex robots and Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

There also will be competitions (with prized), we will announce shortly.

Access to all of that costs only 150 roubles, the ticket is valid for both days of the exhibition. Check New Caledonia’s prices for tea and other nice things.

Come and bring your friends with you! The exhibition will be open on May 13 from 13:00 to 23:00 and on May 14 from 13:00 to ~20:30.

“New Caledonia”. St.Petersburg, Sadovaya metro station, Grivtsova 22, to enter push the button labeled «Каледонский Лес» at the gate and go inside the courtyard.

Here’s a photo guide to surely not miss the place


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RetroTech Squad visit to Apple Museum in Moscow

St.Petersburg part of RetroTech Squad is getting ready to the final and most epic RetroDay and Moscow part is continuing with exploring new lands. Moscow is known for among retrotech lovers as a place where you can touch with your own hands the keyboards, mice and trackballs of one of the greatest collections of everything Apple-related.

«Apple Museum», created by hard work of Andrey Antonov is a museum as we love. Everything that can work is working. Everything that is working can be touched. 20th Anniversary Macintosh! Bandai Pippin! PowerBook 2400c! Original Apple II and replica of Apple I! Developer version of a Newton! Even NeXTcube!

Only the closing time, as we also love, would result in removal of a breathless body of a user from a monitor. Steve Wozniak himself once visited the museum and got stuck there for a while. Woz definitely wasn’t prepared to find a rare pair of holiday glasses made in a bunch of thirty, fourty years ago in California.

Shortcut for the save command on the logo of the museum reminds of the epic task that we all are doing. RetroTech Squad and Apple Museum together do the same task of saving, bringing retrotech back to live and opening it to the world, and this is a great reason to start a friendship between two. Come to Apple Museum, RTS approves!


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RetroTech Squad at Digital Jungle on 19 March 2017

RetroTech Squad continues our educational mission and in less than two weeks will participate in an event called «Digital Jungle» where school and college students will have an opportunity to learn who to become in our digital world. There will be an exhibition open among lectures and master classes, where in between other curious digital things there will be classic RetroTech Squad owned Nintendo Famicom, Sega MegaDrive, Apple Macintosh SE, ZX Spectrum, and something else (it’s always better to keep some tension). As it was said in the announcement done by the «Digital Jungle»: «Come and touch the history!»

March 19, 11:00–19:00, St.Petersburg, Prospekt Medikov 3
Free entry upon registration on the website:


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Even more of RetroDay! RetroDay at D3C0D3 on February 26, 2017!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.


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More News! RetroDay at D3C0D3 on February 25, 2017!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.


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Breaking News! RetroDay at D3C0D3 on January 28, 2017!

Breaking news by RetroTech Squad!
In just two days, on January 28 our squad will make a landing at the digital bar D3C0D3 in St. Petersburg.
We’ll move in armed with our faithful Amiga and Atari computers, carrying heavy Electronika BK and Amstad machines on our shoulders. We’ll be loading the best games to ZX Spectrum and Sega machines as we run under the furious sounds of GearX2 electric guitar. And we’ll make that day into the RetroDay!
There’ll be interactive exhibition of retro computers, competitions (yep, there will be Ultimate Mortal Combat competition), championships, video game trivia, even a live metal music concert with game music hits!
One day of a sudden good old retrotech craziness.
The point of assembly is as follows. Bolshoy Prospect of Vasilyevsky Island, 22. D3C0D3 Bar. 28 of January. Everything begins at 14:00. GearX2 will perform live at 20:00. Nobody knows when will be the end.


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