RetroTech Squad at Geek Picnic in Moscow! June 17–18, 2017!

RetroTech Squad is coming to Moscow! The most dedicated fans have probably seen our repost of the announcement by Geek Picnic VK group. That’s right! This weekend RetroTech Squad in our Moscow, St. Petersburg and Minsk glory would host the first exhibition in Moscow!

A truck witch exhibits is currently rolling along a highway, and behind that truck a St. Petersburg team is rolling to Moscow. Unique exhibits from Minsk joined with their overseer soon will cross the state border. Moscow team is getting ready to move from the east.

Under a roof in Kolomenskoe park at Geek Picnic festival all Saturday and all Sunday our exhibits closed to the elements, but opened for all of you. Computers, consoles and other wonderful things that are hard to describe await!

You like classics? We got you covered with Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari 65XE, Apple Macintosh SE and that’s just a beginning! Do you like oddware? We’ll have WonderBorg, Nintendo Virtual Boy, Sega CDX, Apple IIe Platinum, Kaypro 10, Sinclair TV abd other secrety secret things!

Fun only starts here, as there will be competitions in Mortal Combat, Rock-n-Roll Racing and River Raid! The winners won’t only get a feeling of how awesome they are, but also tickets to Moscow Apple Museum! You can even join with your own controllers!

Gear X2 will rock our stage every day with metal covers of retro and not-so-retro game songs! But here’s more! Chiptune musician GamerGate will perform at our stage on Saturday. Exact times to be announced.

No additional fees! No time restrictions! All Saturday and Sunday, June 17-18,
RetroTech Squad at Geek Picnic. Moscow, Kolomenskoe park. All the action will happen in the vicinity of Kolomenskoe pier.